This website was a weblog written for computer and software enthusiasts where people could pick up information and read fresh news about many subjects related to this field.

One of the topics the blog focused on was the management agent for extensible connectivity. This is a Microsoft project belonging to the Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003 (or MIIS 2003) Management Agent SDK. Users of this software can generate a management agent able to synchronize with any call-based or file-based data source. The former site and forum offered a series of discussions and links to external sources that could help anyone trying to achieve success with XMAs.

Creating XMAs always has to start with the proper documentation. A user must know the requirements, regarding both software and hardware. The first step is developing a file-based import management agent, followed by an export one, and then a call-based export management agent. In order to do all this, one has to refer to the documentation.

The full process addresses correcting joins, generating delta views using different resources, using and synchronizing SQL servers to the active directory and objects between them. It is a long and tedious project, but it can be done, especially if one refers to the Getting Started collection provided by this website on that was available to all users.