This website was a weblog created by a great guy for individuals interested in computers and software. On the site he shared his experiences related to the field and tried to help others by answering questions and getting them interested in his passion.

He managed to receive the title of MVP for MIIS (ILM) and shared the good news with everyone of his blog followers on a dedicated page of the site. He received the title of MVP, which means Most Valuable Professional by offering an important helpful hand on creating documentation for Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003 (MIIS 2003). The title was given by Microsoft for having assisted many users in building extensible management agents (XMAs) and other projects as well.

The management agent for extensible connectivity used to present an intimidating and difficult subject for many computer users, but with the aid of Microsoft’s new MVP, more have jumped at the chance to try their own projects by following the documentation this great guy has made available on and his cool blog.